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Smoking Accessories 101

Whether you’re a seasoned smoker or just starting to explore the world of smoking, having the right tools can make all the difference. Higher Grade is here to help you navigate the exciting realm of smoking accessories, with options for everyone—from beginners to connoisseurs.

Top Smoking Accessories Brands*

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BIC is a well-known brand in the lighter industry, offering a wide range of disposable and refillable lighters to cater to the diverse needs of its customers. BIC lighters are known for their reliability, safety, and long-lasting performance. The brand features various styles and designs, including the Classic BIC lighter, BIC Multi-purpose lighter, and BIC Special Editions with unique graphics.

Smoke Buddy

Smoke Buddy is a popular personal air filter designed to reduce secondhand smoke and eliminate odors. The compact and portable device is perfect for indoor use, allowing smokers to enjoy their habit without disturbing others or leaving a lingering smell. Smoke Buddy offers a range of models, including the Original Smoke Buddy, Smoke Buddy Junior, and Smoke Buddy Mega, in various colors to suit individual preferences.


RAW is a leading brand in the rolling paper industry, known for its natural, unrefined, and unbleached rolling papers. The brand offers a variety of sizes and styles, including Classic, Organic Hemp, and Black, as well as rolling accessories like rolling trays, filters, and rolling machines. RAW is a popular choice among environmentally conscious smokers due to its commitment to sustainable practices and natural ingredients.


Zippo is an iconic American brand known for its high-quality and durable windproof lighters. The company, founded in 1932, offers a wide range of lighter designs, finishes, and limited editions that cater to various tastes and preferences. Zippo lighters are refillable, making them an eco-friendly option for smokers who want to minimize waste.


Roor is a high-end German glassware brand known for its premium glass smoking accessories, such as bongs, pipes, and bubblers. The company prides itself on crafting high-quality, hand-blown glass products that provide a smooth and enjoyable smoking experience. Roor offers a range of designs and sizes to cater to various preferences and smoking needs.

Grav Labs

Grav Labs is an innovative American company specializing in unique and functional glass smoking accessories. The brand offers a wide range of products, including bongs, pipes, bubblers, and vaporizers, all designed to provide a smooth and enjoyable smoking experience. Grav Labs is well-regarded for its innovative designs, durability, and attention to detail.

Santa Cruz Shredder

Santa Cruz Shredder is an American brand known for its high-quality herb grinders. The company offers a range of grinders in various sizes, materials, and colors to suit different needs and preferences. Santa Cruz Shredder grinders are designed with a unique tooth pattern for a consistent and smooth grinding experience, ensuring the perfect consistency for smoking or vaping.

VPN E-Liquid

If you're looking for unique, complex flavors, VPN E-Liquid is a great choice. Their flavors are inspired by exotic locations around the world, like Bali and Tokyo.

Glas Basix

With a wide range of fruity and dessert-inspired flavors, GLAS BASIX offers something for everyone. Their flavors are high-quality and delicious.

An Introduction to Smoking Accessories

Smoking accessories encompass a diverse range of tools designed to enhance your smoking experience. From rolling papers and grinders to pipes and bongs, these accessories are available in various forms, each serving a specific purpose.

To find the perfect accessories for your needs, it’s crucial to comprehend their functions and choose the ones that align with your preferences and habits. By selecting the right accessories, you can elevate your smoking experience and enjoy a more personalized touch.

Below, we take a look at all the smoking accessories available in the market:

Rolling Papers and Blunt Wraps

Rolling papers and blunt wraps are essential for anyone who enjoys rolling their own cigarettes or smoking blunts. There is a wide range of rolling papers and blunt wraps available, varying in size, material, and flavor.

Some popular rolling paper materials include:

Blunt wraps are typically made from tobacco leaves, offering a slower burn and a more robust flavor compared to rolling papers. Many wraps are also available in different flavors, such as chocolate, fruit, or mint, to enhance the overall smoking experience.


Grinders are a must-have accessory for any smoker. They allow you to break down your tobacco or herbs evenly, providing a more consistent and enjoyable smoking experience. Grinders come in various shapes and sizes, with most featuring multiple chambers for collecting finely ground material and kief, the potent pollen-like substance that collects at the bottom of the grinder.

Here are some popular grinder materials:

Pipes and Bongs

Pipes and bongs are popular smoking devices that offer an alternative to rolling papers and blunt wraps. Pipes are compact and portable, while bongs provide a smoother, cooler smoking experience by filtering the smoke through water.

Pipes come in a variety of materials, including glass, metal, and wood, while bongs are typically made from glass or acrylic. Both devices can feature unique designs and shapes, allowing you to find a pipe or bong that matches your personal style. Bong smokers, for example, often appreciate the artistic craftsmanship and innovative designs of high-quality glass bongs, making them not only functional devices but also visually appealing pieces of art.


Ashtrays are a basic but essential smoking accessory. They help keep your smoking area clean and organized by providing a designated place for ash disposal. Ashtrays come in various materials, such as glass, ceramic, metal, and silicone, and can feature unique designs and artwork that match your aesthetic.

Rolling Machines

Rolling machines are an excellent accessory for those who struggle with rolling cigarettes or joints by hand. These devices provide a quick and easy way to roll your tobacco or herbs evenly and consistently, saving you time and frustration. Rolling machines come in different sizes and designs, with some featuring adjustable settings to customize your roll.

Cigarette Cases and Holders

Cigarette cases and holders are stylish accessories that offer a practical way to keep your cigarettes or joints organized and protected. They come in various materials, such as metal, leather, and plastic, and can feature unique designs and patterns to suit your personal taste.

Lighters and Torches

Lighters and torches are essential smoking accessories that provide the flame needed to light your cigarettes, joints, or pipes. Traditional lighters are compact and easy to use, while torches offer a more powerful and precise flame for more advanced smoking methods, such as dabbing.

Storage Solutions

Proper storage is essential for preserving the quality and freshness of your tobacco or herbs. There are various storage solutions available, such as smell-proof bags, airtight jars, and humidors, designed to keep your smoking materials fresh and protected from moisture, light, and air.

Cleaning and Maintenance Supplies

Keeping your smoking accessories clean and well-maintained is essential for a safe and enjoyable smoking experience. Cleaning supplies, such as brushes, alcohol wipes, and pipe cleaners, are available to help you remove resin, tar, and other debris from your smoking devices.

Higher Grade: Your Ultimate Source for Vape Supplies

Getting started with vaping can be a daunting task, but if you follow the tips and tricks outlined here, you’ll be sure to find your perfect vape setup.

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Enjoy Higher Grade Smoke Shop for All Your Smoking and Vaping Needs

Whether you’re a seasoned smoker or new to the world of smoking and vaping, Higher Grade Smoke Shop has everything you need to enhance your experience. With an extensive selection of top smoking brands and products, along with a wide array of smoking accessories, we are your one-stop-shop for all your smoking and vaping needs.

At Higher Grade, we take pride in providing our customers with the highest quality products, coupled with exceptional customer service. Our knowledgeable staff is always ready to help you find the perfect smoking or vaping device and accessories that suit your preferences and lifestyle.

In addition to our impressive range of products, we also prioritize responsible smoking practices, ensuring that our customers can make informed choices and enjoy their smoking and vaping experiences in a safe and considerate manner.

Visit Higher Grade Smoke Shop today and discover a world of premium smoking and vaping products tailored to your unique tastes and requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are you an online smoke shop?

We don’t have an online shop but have multiple Indiana locations. Visit our stores to get the full Higher Grade experience, where our staff can assist you in selecting the perfect products and services.

What payment methods do you accept?

We currently accept cash, debit, credit cards, apple pay, samsung pay and NFC payments. 

What do you recommend for a beginner seeking a pleasurable smoking experience?

Try a glass pipe, small glass bong, or flavored rolling papers. Our staff will help you choose suitable products and guide you through the process. Higher Grade Smoke Shop is an adults-only establishment.

Are there products to help reduce smoking consumption?

Yes, options include one-hitters, dugouts, vaporizers, and smaller rolling papers. Our staff can help you find the best solution for your needs.

Can I find tobacco-free smoking alternatives at your shop?

Yes, we offer a variety of tobacco-free smoking alternatives, such as herbal blends and nicotine-free vaporizer liquids. Our knowledgeable staff can help you explore these options and find the best fit for your preferences and needs.

Do you carry products for cleaning and maintaining smoking accessories?

Absolutely! We carry a selection of cleaning products and tools to help you properly maintain your smoking accessories. This includes brushes, cleaning solutions, and pipe cleaners. Our staff can provide guidance on the best methods for cleaning and maintaining your specific accessories, ensuring they remain in optimal condition and provide a consistently enjoyable smoking experience.

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