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Jam Monster Flavors

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Known for their clever blends, Jam Monster is one of the leading companies in the e-liquid industry. With a mix of breakfast-inspired jam flavors and dessert-influenced e-liquids, there is no shortage of flavors to choose from no matter what your preferences. You can purchase Jam Monster flavors among other e-liquid flavors at Higher Grade Smoke Shop, just call in and we’re happy to help!


The iconic Jam Monster Strawberry blends the ripeness of strawberries with a sweet lasting taste creating a refreshing and smooth vaping experience. Suitable for the sweet-toothed type, Jam Monsters’ strawberry flavor is an electric and fresh experience. 


Where the sweetness of grapes meets e-liquids, Jam Monster Grape gives a rich and sweet taste for a smoothly satisfying vaping experience. In addition, they also have Grape Jam & Peanut Butter version available that combines sweet and savory flavors with the nutty flavor of peanut butter and the sweetness of grape jam.  


The Jam Monster Banana has a creamy sweetness that creates a rich and satisfying taste. With tropical undertones, the velvety flavor of bananas leaves your palate satisfied with a ripe aftertaste waiting for the next puff.


The Blueberry Jam Monster Flavor with juicy, ripe flavors is a classic e-liquid go-to. With a subtle tangy aftertaste on the tastebuds, the blueberry jam flavor is perfect for those who prefer a subtlemsweet taste, but with an edge.


When inhaling the Jam Monster Apple e-liquid, you’re tasting the flavor of freshly picked apples. This crisp taste is designed for those who appreciate the comforting taste of baked apple pie mixed with a hint of tart notes.

Mixed Berry

By combining the flavors of berries sweet and tangy, you can’t help but taste the buttery toast along with your Mixed Berry Jam as you inhale. This is the perfect combination for those who prefer a less sweet flavor but still enjoy the berry punch. 


Filled with succulent sweetness, the Jam Monster Peach flavor mimics the sweet, juicy taste of peaches with every inhale leaving a fresh aftertaste on the taste buds. With bursting natural flavors, the peach e-liquid leaves a balanced taste of fresh ripeness with a layer of sweetness.


Apricot e-liquid, where slight tart flavors meet subtle floral notes. The Jam Monster Apricot vape is a premium e-liquid of smooth and delicate flavors of succulent apricot and juicy sweetness.

Black Cherry

A subtle sweetness cuts through the deep, rich cherry notes of the Jam Monster Black Cherry e-liquid. A popular choice for those who enjoy deeper flavors that are complemented with a burst of sweetness.


Described as sweet but tarty, the Blackberry e-liquid flavor represents the ripeness of freshly picked blackberries leaving a cool, fruity sensation when inhaling. Not as sweet as the strawberry flavor, but with a little more brightness than the blueberry, this is the perfect in between choice.


With a refreshing aroma, and for those who prefer a zesty, citrus taste for their vape liquid, the Jam Monster Lemon is the recommended flavor of choice. The lemon flavor has a sharpness that mimics the zing of a lemon to create a fresh inhaling experience.

Custard Jam Monster

Jam Monster have a range of custard flavors available to choose from. 

A butterscotch flavor with a sweet thick taste mixed with creamy custard tones, a vanilla custard option with a rich vanilla flavor, and the strawberry custard with a blend of juicy berries with rich custard flavors. 

PB & Grape Jam Monster

PB&J Grape is a sweet yet savoury flavor that combines the nutty peanut butter flavor with the sweet grape tones. Although unique, this flavor combination works well together and adds extra richness to the traditional grape flavor.

Jam Monster have created a range that offers something for everyone. Don’t hesitate to visit one of our stores and ask our staff for help if you’re feeling adventurous and wanting to try out some new flavors, or are looking to purchase your reliable go-to flavor. No matter your preferences, you’re sure to find a flavor you love with our range of options available. 

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